“Top 5 Hot Springs in Idaho”

Idaho is known for the four seasons and amazing outdoor entertainment. One popular activity is to travel, explore and ultimately relax in the hot springs.  These hot springs are very popular so you must plan accordingly. However, with the correct planning, you will be able to unwind and enjoy the scenery. Drive safe and enjoy!!

  1. Boat Box Hot Springs – https://www.outdoorproject.com/adventures/idaho/hot-springs/boat-box-hot-spring – The hot water for this tub comes from a large plastic pipe stuck into the riverbank and draped over the tub’s wooded rim. For more hot water, the pipe is pulled over to spill into the tub. For cooler water, a plastic bucket is nearby for adding river water. The water straight from the spring is quite hot, so caution is advised. There is a valve to let water out, which trickles constantly, so the water is generally fresh and clean
  2. Silvercreek Plunge Hot Springs – http://www.silvercreekplunge.com/ – Silver Creek Plunge is located inside the Boise National Forest, Peace Valley, Idaho. Only 2 hours from Boise by highway and gravel mountain roads, we are nestled on the floor of Peace Valley, surrounded by mountain, trees, wildlife and Silver Creek, which runs through the middle of the campground. We feature camping, cabins, swimming, fishing, hiking, playground, volleyball, basketball and horseshoes for your outdoor recreation. Fishing in Silver Creek is good all summer. Beginning Memorial Day and through Labor Day, Idaho Fish and Game stocks the creek with 8 to 14 inch Rainbow Trout every other week.
  3. Burgdorf Hot Springs – http://www.burgdorfhotsprings.com/ – Burgdorf Hot Springs on the national register of historic places in Idaho. The natural hot springs infused with lithium surrounded by breath taking views and wildlife makes for a relaxing experience. The charming cabins will make you feel at home!!!
  4. Kirkham Hot Springshttps://www.theoutbound.com/idaho/chillin/soak-in-kirkham-hot-springs – This legendary hot spot is one of many along the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway. It features geothermal pools and waterfalls of varying temperatures and is nuzzled up to the beautiful South Fork of the Payette River.  Soaking in Kirkham is like soaking in a dream. Numerous geothermal springs of varying temperature await at the bottom of a small wooden staircase. Hot water pours over the cliff into pools below and literally feels like a natural shower. If that’s not enough, enjoy the rush and beauty of the Payette River beside you. Have a great soak!
  5. Rocky Canyon Hot Springs – https://www.theoutbound.com/idaho/camping/camp-at-rocky-canyon-hot-springs –  Three geothermal pools of varying temperature. Overnight camping in the surrounding area. Gorgeous river views and outdoor activities.  Idaho is known for its pristine rivers and countless geothermal pools. The Rocky Canyon Hot Springs epitomizes both of these and will leave you begging to stay. From Boise, hop in the car and head north, I’ll see you in Crouch.

In case you need more information about the Treasure Valley, contact me and I would be happy to share more details.
Heath Van Patten